Saturday, March 24, 2012

Higher Than Bat Shit

Don't get it confused - don't get it twisted - I am a misfit
I hang with a gang - of Hooligans and Dip shits
Easily We flip Scripts - Talk crap like lip shits
Causing Conniptions - More Like Connip shits
I'm so spazz tastic with verbal gymnastics
I do back flips - while laughing at giraffe kicks
You get your ass kicked - laughing at my tactics
I'm madder than a monkey with a banana - that's plastic
I'm kinda drastic - punch lines like slap stick
Instant classic - Spit grease like chap stick
That's it - I said it - I'm that slick
Did you catch it- forget it - it's that quick
You can't match this - Spastic Sarcastic
Kid with a grin - Checking chins for some glass bits
Your like the fat Kid - who gets half a sandwich
Blowing a fuse - when he realizes that's it
Don't try to match wits - I'm sharp like a hatchet
battling me - you must be Higher than bat shit


  1. Great ryhme, you sound like Eminem. : )

    1. LOL Thanks JosephAlsarraf... I just play around with words and lyric structures

  2. You do know how to twist words together.

    1. Thanks Peaches !!! it was one of those kind of days

  3. You should do performance poetry.