Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tying Knots

You told me a thousand times today of all the bad you see in me.
You never once mentioned the good.
Maybe I asked the wrong questions.
Maybe I asked the right ones to late.

You said I never took the time to know you.
Truth be told, I never got the time to know myself.
After twelve years I learned all your likes and dislikes
I learned all your quirks, body language, and fears.

Yeah I would say I know you pretty well.

Funny how I talked to a friend today and they said "You are do brilliant G. Sometimes it's hard to see that within ourselves. With brilliance comes insecurities, because our minds are to complex to understand what is within. People like us can look at a blue sky and see a thousand colors. But somehow we fail to see the greatness inside ourselves. You will be alright no matter what you do. In this life and the next."
You see a few years back before my dad passed away he told me something similar. he said that my mind is like a mile a minute for everyone else, but never slows down for my own. he said Einstein was so smart yet he couldnt tie his shoe laces so he opted for slip ons, and that sometimes my life is the slip on. Then he told me to learn to tie the knot.

So maybe I didn't see what happened because my mind saw it as something different.
Maybe coming home every night, not lying, not cheating, was not enough.
Maybe all the I love you and I'm sorry wore thin.
Maybe your right about my broken promises.

What I can say is that I never meant to hurt you.
I never meant to make you sad.
I wish I could take back whatever it is that pushed you away
But for now I need to learn to tie my own knot.


  1. It interesting to think about how other people may view things, I remember having trouble with my shoe laces when I was a kid, sometimes I really just wanted to have some slip ons. : )

  2. Joseph Alsarraf I think we All want slip ons or live our lives with them