Monday, January 30, 2012

If You Only Knew

If you only knew how I felt
If you only knew how I got this way
If you only knew the humility I face every day sitting here

Still you cross my path with stares and snickers.
You cross my path with your head held up acting as if you never saw me sitting there.
I never spoke a word or had my hand held out

You cross my path holding your nose, to make it painfully obvious to others around that I smell less desirable.
You call me a beggar and a bum
A Whino or Junkie.

I have no sign or cup in my hand.
I have never claimed to be a disabled vet.
I have never asked for any handout.

If you only knew.
I was once a Proffesor.
I was once a Husband
I was once a Father
I was once a Uncle
Iwas once a Brother

If you only knew how I got this way

I onced lived a normal life with all the wants and needs as you.
I obtained a secure job with a higher than average pay and lived in a larger than average house.
I had both a High school diploma and College degree.
I had a beautiful wife and child.
I had what you would call a better than average life, with expensive toys and lavish clothing.
I didn't loose those material things because of any addiction wether it alchol or drugs or gambling.
What I did loose was my wife and child in a car accident.
What I lost was a will to live.
I would have traded all those things to have them back.
But you cross my path everyday with self judgement and combined stereo types, that all out here are the forgotten and lost souls who are lazy and useless. begging for their next fix of choice. We are outcast and low lifes......

If you only knew........ But you never ask.

In understanding that not all people in the world, act or feel that all homeless are this way,and not all homeless are scammers; It is important to recognize the actions and body language we present when crossing their path. While giving him or her spare change, food and clothes, is all fine; Sometimes they could also use human interaction. i.e. lenghty conversation. Not just how are you doing today and hang in there. But a genuine conversation of them as a person. It could be the change in their life that people do care about them and that there is hope and care in this world.... COMPASSION is felt by all..


  1. We're so good at ignoring those who reminds us that we can all be less fortunate...

    1. Spilling Ink You are absolutley correct about that