Sunday, January 15, 2012

Self Reverence

I travel the plains of a empty mind
Climb the hills of a jumbled thought
I am a drifter - Wandering the wonders within
Searching for a word to express emptiness

Filling the void of passion
Bridging the gap of emotions - Or lack of
Who am I and how did I arrive at this place
I am a seeker

Steadfast to my convictions
I submit to an inner anguish
Listening to whispers of a tormented soul
Traveling the rails of a brain wave

A rebel to my fears - As I stand alone
Yearning to find an answer- I ponder my very existance
So I freeze the frame and adjust the pieces
Traveling the questions that hope to find answers

I am a wanderer..............Wondering
with disdained reverance


  1. I do love your writing, your poetry. I know it comes from deep within.

    1. Thanks Peaches, It means alot to me