Monday, January 30, 2012

I Never Gave Thought..... A Letter to writers

I never gave thought of where you came from, or what your ethnic background was.
I never looked into our likes and differences.
You had something to say and I had an ear to listen.
You had something to write, and in turn provided me with reading material.
You provided insight and I gained perspective.
You write stories,novels,poetry's and reviews.
You speak on politics,religion,humanity.
You write the obvious and the obscure.
You measure your words with timing, leaving suggestive thoughts, unexpected twist, and sometimes riddled humor.
You write with facts,opinions,emotion and sceptisism.

With these I say to you; "I never gave thought"
Or have I?

Thank you to all who write and share...
                                                                                  Jack Gordan Earl Matteson

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