Monday, January 30, 2012

I Am

I am Culture Freedom - like a Poor Righteous Teacher
I am the lesser of Kings.......
I am a Wise man riddled with more thoughts and less answers.
I wander with a band of fortunate fools, and break bread with the undesirables.
I have a doctorate in nothingness, yet a degree in humility.
I claim to know nothing, but understand everything about being a scholar of disdain.
I am a farmer planting food for thought.
Foraging the fruits of knowledge, I scan the plains searching for hidden sensibilities.
I am a Chef with ingredient's for a perfect disaster.
Yet I seek to find the aromatic pleasures that break down the senses to invade the palette,like a pirate pillaging a lost city of gold.
Only to be plagued with greed of wanting all in site, rather than the one perfect coin or bar.
I am a nomadic traveler with no sense of direction; Yet I know where Ive been and I know where I'm going.
I am a Compass of enlightenment......... Unravel Me


  1. Then you are what I aspire to be. : )

    1. JosephAlsarraf I think we all would like to be filled with understanding and live in a perfect world. For now I can only hope and fight for freedom of speech, the rights and respect for all humans to live with their dignity in going about their life without ridicul whether its race,religion,sexual prefferance etc.. We all in life may come upon a dislike of one another, but its what we do, and how we go about it that seperates -compassion,enlightenment,understanding,adapting,accepting,furthering of our mind and hearts