Saturday, January 21, 2012

Apparitions Of Love

I am here in this after-Life, chasing After Life
At least; for one in particular.
You see I never got to gain a peace of mind on how you felt about me.
I never got a chance to ask if you ever imagined a future with me.
Was there marriage or family, were there kids and if yes,what were there names?

I was at my funeral standing by the oak tree.
I tried to call your name, but the rustling of the tree muted me into the whispers of the wind.
I wanted to see your face but it was covered in black lace.
And as you walked past with your head held low, I tried to grab your hand but my fingers just slipped through.

You paused for a second with this ora in your posture.
You turned and lifted the lace from your teared eyes.
And for a split second something in your face; a gesture that is hard to describe.
You can feel I'm there can't you?

What do I say to you?
Is there anything you want to say to me?
Silently I hear you say "I will always Love You"
And it seems you have stopped right in front of me and looked me in the face doing so.

How is this possible?
I am fading yet I feel as if I am glowing.
I will always love You too.
If only it weren't for those wet roads.

I was on the way to a Jewler to pick out a ring that day, when it happened.
Maybe my mind was not on full concentration to the rain and roads, as I was thinking of a thousand ways to ask you to marry me. Some were a bit romantic and some were down right silly.
When out of nowhere a car just like yours crossed the center line and hit my car head on.

Thats the last I remembered. ..... wait.... wait..... Why are there two gravestones?
I see alot of familiar faces from your side of the family.
I feel as If I am at your funeral too.
Then suddenly I felt a hand placed apon my shoulder.
And a soft whisper in my ears.
You are at my funeral.
I am also at yours.
I would have said YES
And yes there were children in my dreams.
Jack Jr. and Hailey if you must know.
And by now it should be obvious that it was my car.
And yes I can see you,feel you, and hear you,
So before we fade Let me hear you say "Love Always"

"Love Always Babe, Love Always"


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks JosephAlsarraf I hope it didnt sound creepy

  2. I think you need to have many others read your poetry, thoughts,... You're that good.

    1. Oh thank you very much peaches. I think about it sometimes, but most days I'm uncertain of my writing and how it comes across