Friday, January 20, 2012

Clueless To My Pondering

If you sit silently with your eyes closed,  you can see a cascade of colors dancing like a kaleidoscope at a State fair.
If you listen close enough you can hear a hollow buzz swirling around your very being as it echoes through your senses.
Stare at absolutely nothing and you can see space dust  and bubbles of light.
Is this Nirvana?
At these moments are we escaping our body or is this a form of self hallucinations?
Are We There Yet?
I am on the Great Space Coaster with purple Mushrooms waving at Willy Wonka !!!
Maybe its just a sugar rush as my insulin pen decides to play hide and seek during times of need.
No this is something else......
The tap dancing turtle even has a sign that says "No this is something else"
There is no Alice... Just Malice and Greed - Love and Hate
Devilish Angels who cannot Relate
To rules of riddles Set forth by the Proctor
Seuss was a character and surely was a --- Doctor I think he just flat lined_____________________;
Skip Skip said the murmur, Skip like a stone side arm slung across the lakes of imagination.
Skip everything you've learned in books
If I was a studious man, I would be the lesser of fortunate fools who has not learned a thing about the beauty of bliss and ignorance.
Passion of thought and creativity is the beating of my heart and the breath that speaks what is written...

Clueless to my Pondering

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