Sunday, January 8, 2012

Asian Scholastic Misfits (Call Me Clever)

Two radical who were anti sabbatical
Asked me to solve their problem......Mathematical
The Asian kid can fix it - The Asian kid can fix this
But me trying to equate relates to an NFL pick six
So quickly I was dismissed - bags packed with a clinched fist
If only to bare witness - Asian Scholastic Misfits
Who scored low on the S.A.T's and clueless to an FCAT
You see; Me join a study group - You knew I'd say F-That
My English is so-so - Probably better than yours though
The teacher said to turn in an essay so I turned on Francisco
And Chewi and Pablo and Chico and Hector
Now their in jail - and you know what? I bet their
Pissed and Angry - Ready to Shank me
I did what the teacher said - So really they should thank me
Cuz I'm a genius in my own rights - A scope to my own sights
I Boil a mean water - so my Science is so
Wrapped with precision - Who needs your permission
To say what I say - and write what's not written
In manuals or study books - I got this word study shook
tremble with fear I am hear with a muggy look
So call me an outcast - call me what ever
Absurd with my words - Or just call me Clever


  1. Oh my gosh Jack!!! You're crazy! Come on over and collect... And do what it says or I'll tell Mom! LOL
    I have something for you!

  2. Oh Thanks Jeremiah Johnson. I was feeling a little goofy quirkey so this is what I wrote

  3. Inspiring use of rhyme. This poem has great momentum.

    All the best
    Jack Edwards

  4. Thanks for reading Jack Edwards Poetry, Peches Ledwidge and White Witch Hi D