Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Clothing Optional

In everyday society, we as people strive to have a presentable figure. Some people strive to perfect what they percieve as the perfect body. That part we will leave to ourselves and our own imagination on what we find visually attractive. There is nothing wrong with being slender, slim, skinny, chunky, full figured, hefty, big boned, overweight, fat, etc...etc...  But with that being said, I should say that "Clothing Optional" should have a list or disclaimer making it only optional for some, and or for those that qualify.. For Example; If you have full and I mean FULL body hair, to a point that getting out of the ocean means you also brought up minnows and micro organisms and look like a walking bed of kelp then NO. If you have stretch marks as wide as the strip of beach you are trying to enjoy then NO. If you are bald with a skullet, looking like Kenny G in twenty years from now doing a porno shower scene then NO. If you have to lift any extra flap of skin to lather down with sun tan oil or sun screen then NO.(ps if you have to lift any flap of skin, then putting anything on it wont be necessary, because it is already hidden by the other 50lbs of flesh hovering over it like _____________ <--- insert Bad analogy Here. If the Twins went from Double D circle to Swing Low Lane, then No. You people have not the right to be optional clothing. Maybe the option to put on more than what you are already wearing but this class of society should add not subtract. If you are considering joining a nudist colony, then this probably refers to you as well. In my adventures of the logistic/courier field, I have delivered parcel to numerous Nudist camps and they were predominantly the people you did not want to see naked. I would say at least 99% had BBD. (Bad Body Disease) So shake what your mama gave you in the confines of your own homes, be happy with your body even if this is you I am speaking of. Just don't be happy at the expense of others visual torment..