Sunday, November 13, 2011

I Slept With Her

I slept with her for many nights
Over and over I stripped her down
It wasn't for a while that I questioned her name
Yet she stayed by my side

She kept me safe in time of need
As she waited clinging to my shoulder
In harms way she took the lead
Still she yielded to my emotions

The burdens I feared I know she felt
As she knew I did not want to use her
I loved her hate and hated her love
But Angel was my protector

Her name was M16A1 with a M203 Grenade Launcher
And I was a U.S. Soldier


  1. Did you get scared of her grenade launcher?

  2. Hey WilyBCool I hope you enjoyed the mislead

  3. You're crazy jack! Are you sure we're related? hahahaaaaa

  4. Whoa. Haha. Unexpected twist in the end. Loved it! :D

  5. Yes Michelle we are

  6. Enigmatic Soul... I hope you enjoyed the twist. I have always wanted to write about those long deset nights and my time in the military, but I have always wanted to write it a little different

  7. Okay you had me going at first - but now I got it. Seems like kind of a scary thing to have to sleep with. By the way thanks for all you did. sandie

  8. Beautifully written! Very touching! A Salute to you, my man!

  9. Thanks Chatty Crone aka Sandie and thanks Raj, for both reading and commenting. I know by the title and the start of the passage, that this was not what you were expecting, but the twist was my intent. I hope you enjoyed

  10. Great develops from what seems to be a love affair into war. Such a gripping emotional piece.

  11. Thanks Write Girl. I hope it sent you in the wrong direction in a peculiar fashion. Laughing and mused by the end result