Wednesday, November 16, 2011

In A White Room With Padded Walls

In a white room with padded walls, I sit silently hugging myself.
Not so much that I indulge in self infatuation, but this jacket has my arms buckled that way.
I can't write - I can't write - I can't wri......... Panic sets in
Calm down I tell myself, as a smirk appears on my lifeless face.
A new bad analogy created by my circling mind.
"It's Hotter than dog balls dragging across the desert floor on the 4th of July"
WHY-- Why do I think these crazy things?
Why does my mind create in an outlandish manor?
Tap - Tap on the caged glassless window.
"It's pill time" says the nurse.
Pills !! What pills and where am I?
Your in the Fun House so welcome to the Circus.
Well can I get peanuts to feed the elephants.

Just then; I wake up to realize I'm jamming peanuts up my daschunds mug.
My arms are free, yet they ache with stiffness as if they were really pinned behind my back.
I can write !!!
So what do I write about?
Maybe my dreams of my own restaurant "Crazy Jacks Crab Shack"
Maybe Ill write about sanity or lack of.
Maybe Ill write about this dream I was............
Wait where was I.
Was I just talking about analogies?
Oh yeah The rain
"Its coming down Like Judge Judy's Gavel"
no that's not it !!!
"Its pouring like grape Cool-Aide in the projects"
No No...... Forget it
I forgot what I was talking about.
Ill just lay my head on this Padded Wall
Wake me when you remember my placing..................


  1. Is that what they call "stream of consciousness?"

  2. Not sure Ross, maybe Self unraveling of a mad man.. How is everything down under?

  3. A little over old Chatty's head - but I do hope you are having a great day and Happy Thanksgiving. sandie

  4. hmmmm... the first part was "different." I've never seen/read this sort of material by you.

  5. Wandering along the rocky road of your conscious mind? Well, I don't know the process really, but I love reading this! I am just like moving on to my seat watching my favorite suspense movie! Bravo Bro!

  6. Thanks for commenting Prime Aque and Sandie.. I explained this to my sister Michelle my Bell. this was written after watching a documentary of people with progressive thinking ie. inventors writers of literature,poems and painters, who were put into mental institutions because their time period felt them to be odd and of blasphomy. Most entered clinicly sane but some truley became - shall we say coo coo, due to the lengthy isolation.

  7. "your are entirely bonkers but i`ll tell you a secret all best people are "
    (from Alice in Wonderland) so i like your writing and i thank you for visiting and following paraphernalia : )

  8. I can't really get it, does it mean they lost sanity because of the 'progressive thinking' bro ? (sorry there are terms I hardly understand)

  9. wow that was really great, great post!

  10. Prime what they were doing was, putting them away for not being the standard of what was considered normal. Example If every woman in a specific town wore there hair in a bun and it was deemed as the norm, then the second a lady walked out in public with her hair down, she would be scorned and labeled as crazy. They would not put her in jail because she technicaly did not commit a crime. So they would put her in the funny farm. And she would by all medical terms be sane. But after years of isolation they intern would become insane. Also If you were to write any form of document, but you were not an appointed scholar recognized by the community then you would be accused of lunacy

  11. Thanks for enjoying demie !!! and I do consider myself bonkers at times

  12. Lizardmannnn and Jupitertree Thanks for reading and commenting.. I hope you enjoyed

  13. I could feel both the madness and humor in this poem. So fascinating.