Saturday, November 5, 2011

You're A Writer?

Pulitzer Prize! Pull it sir, and I'll surprize you. Well who do you write for and what are your credentials? I write for myself and for those who like to read. My credentials are myself and the body of work with my name attatched to it. I do not need to be part of the writers guild or national syndicated publishings to refer to the moniker or title or pseudonym. I be who I be, I is who I is, I say what I say and I write what I write. Some days when I write, its like riding a wave of pages into a Honolulu sunset; Other days, its like the shakes trying to thread a needle. None the less I write.

I write with everyday speech sometimes with slang and ebonics other days I write in a studious perplex mannor and some days I write as if I was a scholar of the utmost caliber to a point you need a thesaurus to follow. I write all over the page with reckless abandon to the rules of format. I am like verbal graffiti with little to no care of spelling or placement. I am a writer.

I write about everything that crosses my path or mind that deserves to be written about from my perspective. Sometimes politics, music,people,random nonsense,humor. Sometimes my views change from my original views; but non the less I write.

I enjoy facts but I love opinions. I can read and appreciate a fact that has been written a thousand times over. But there is nothing better in life than verbal observations accompanied with bad analogies. I like to read and see how opinions change and rechange. I love serious as well as quirky.
I am a writer of songs and poems. I am a writer of jokes and skits, I am a writer of spoken word and soon to be a writer of books of self perspective. So I write.

I am a writer known as the "Idiot Genius"...........So write

Write whats in your heart and on your mind. Write with conviction, write with humor, write with a smile, write with tears, just write. Abandon your thoughts of spelling,grammer and structure. Just write...

Question is "Are You A Writer"?

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